Minikane - Jaro

Minikane - Jaro

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Brown eyes 
These Minikane Dolls are made from eco-friendly and non-toxic vinyl. They are subtly scented with a vanilla scent and are small enough for your little one to hold. 

The hair is styled by hand, their facial features are hand-painted, and their eyes are made of hard transparent plastic with relief, which gives them a sweet life-like expression.  Doll is 'anatomically correct'. Doll arms, head, and legs turn so your little one will be able to place the baby doll into both standing and sitting positions. Our little one can dress them up with their own baby clothes or choose from the Minikane outfits. 

All fabrics and materials meet European standards with regards to quality and safety.

Age 3+ years

13" H

1.2 lbs

Made in Spain