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We created the first portable foundation for gathering that doesn't sacrifice function for the sake of style. Think a tarp, only pretty, or a blanket that wipes off easily and won't soak through.


-Clean the mat promptly after use with wet rag and soapy water.

-Avoid acrylic paints, markers, and pens and scissors.

-Do not machine wash or iron.

-Place in warm sun for an hour or so to remove wrinkles.

-Air out to dry before folding to store.

Materials + Safety

-Bonded leather is a luxurious material that is extremely soft. Our bonded leather is water impermeable, regulates well in the heat and is stain resistant. The top surface of our mats is made with a synthetic layer of polyurethane. This allows for it to wipe clean easily and maintain high resistance to stains. The backside is a soft suede leather. Our bonded leather contains 72% faux-leather and 28% natural leather fibers.

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